Maximize Your Storage Per Shelf Level

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Maximize Your Storage Per Shelf Level

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Widespan Shelving

Store-Rite Widespan Shelving is designed to maximize storage per shelf level by decreasing the number of posts required per section. For ultimate flexibility and ease of storage planning, Store-Rite Widespan shelving is an open shelving design and can handle a wide range of box and carton sizes and combinations.

Our Widespan Shelving can be designed as a single level system (all picking from the floor) or as amMultilevel shelving system (picking from the floor and a raised level), allowing better space utilization in buildings having additional clear height available.

Store-Rite Widespan Shelving Frames are pre-welded steel for quick and easy installation with a capacity of up to 10,000 lbs ea.

Store-Rite Widespan Step-Beams are made of roll-formed steel and engineered to perform for the long term.

96” wide Step-Beams can support up to 1800 lbs U.D.L. per beam level.

Shelf material can be Particle board, Steel drop-in panels, or Wire Mesh decking.

Store-Rite Widespan Shelving is a Canadian made product, manufactured of roll-formed Steel and available in light grey and other colours.

As with all other Store-Rite products, you can rely on our sales professionals to assist with layout designs and to answer any questions along the way.

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Widespan Shelving Components

Frames (width options are 13”,  19”,  25”,  31”,  37”,  43”,  49”)

Front mount Beams (2” adjustability up and down)

Side mount Beams (1” adjustability up and down) – Light Duty

Panels supports

Drop-in Panels

Particle Board Shelves

Steel Shelves (18” x 36”,  18” x 48”,  24” x 36”,  24” x 48”)

Retaining Clips