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Get Custom Tailored Solutions

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Leasing Can Be a Great Option

Custom tailored solutions give your business the financial edge to compete in today’s’ dynamic marketplace.

Store-Rite Systems offers financing and leasing solutions to meet the unique demands of your business.

Whatever your industry, strategies, and/or your objectives, Store-Rite is here to help drive success.

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The Benefits of Leasing Your Racking System

Low Monthly Payments
Pay convenient monthly payments as you earn profits by use of the equipment, increasing your return on investment and meeting your budgetary obligations.

Preserves Capital
Rather than spending the full equipment amount, leasing allows you to keep your money in you business for emergencies, slow times, expansion, cash flow, etc.

Taxable Benefits
All monthly payments are up to 100% tax deductible.

Retain Borrowing Power
By leasing your equipment through Store-Rite, you do not affect your future or current ability to borrow from your bank. Equipment leasing conserves your lines of credit and loans for other expenditures.

Limited Security & Disclosure
Leasing maintains only a security interest in the equipment on lease and has limited disclosure. Banks take a security interest on all of your company’s assets and require detailed financial disclosure of your business and personal information.

Improved Cash Flow
Equipment leasing improves cash flow with no large capital outlay.

Reduces Long-Term Debt
Carry a fixed term payment stream to guarantee paying the equipment in full in the most efficient timeline possible as opposed to dragging on a loan over an extended period of time. Enjoy the security of a fixed rate.

Easy Process
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