Turn-Key 2 Tier Racking Solutions

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Turn-Key 2 Tier Racking Solutions

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2-Tier Racking Systems

2-Tier Racking is a great way to store many different SKU’s while getting the most efficient use of your space when selectivity is key. They work especially well in tight spaces where lift truck aisles are not needed and height is available.

2 Tier Racking is  a cost effective alternative for adding to building size for selective pick operations. All Store-Rite Pick modules meet the stringent requirements set out by the Ontario Building Code.

Many Flooring options are available including Mezz Tread, Resin Deck, Open Steel Plank and Bar grating.

Start to finish, Store-Rite can complete your entire project.

We offer turn-key solutions that include; design, engineering, assistance with required building permits, material, installation, and fire protection systems.

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Building Permits – Is a Building Permit required?

Store-Rite can assist with any building permit applications for 2-Tier Racking projects. Instead of leaving it to chance, take advantage of our 40+ years of experience helping customers build structures in a safe and environmentally conscious method.

In almost all cases, a building permit will be required for 2-Tier Racking.  Even if a building permit is not required, it is good practice to consider the following whenever considering installing 2-Tier Racking.

Concrete Floor Specifications – Do you have a Professional Engineering document that proves the strength of your floor? Racking and mezzanine base plates exert loads on concrete floors that may exceed the original floor design specifications.

Fire Protection – Will your existing building fire protection system be adequate to protect the racking or mezzanine you intend to install?

Commodity Classification – Do you know what commodity classes you are storing in your building?