Double Deep, the First Step to High Density

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Double Deep, the first step to high density

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Double Deep Pallet Racking

Store-Rite Double Deep Pallet Racking is an economical method of achieving increased storage density in your warehouse.  The cost for materials and installation is the same, per pallet position, as the cost for single selective pallet racking.  

As the name denotes, pallets are stored ’2-deep’, one behind the other, on similar racks to those used for Single Selective Racking.

Double-Deep pallet racking will require a specialized Deep-Reach Truck that has a specially designed pantographing carriage that allows the operator to reach the deeper pallet in the racks. Aisle sizes are commonly 114″ to 126″ wide to accommodate the slightly larger double deep forklift-truck.

Double-Deep pallet racking is a low risk way of achieving higher density in your warehouse as the racks can always be relocated and redeployed in the future as single deep racks, or even sold if required.  

Increase your Pallet Count by 30% or More

Store-Rite is your first choice for dependable and efficient Redirack style Double Deep racking designs.

As with all other Store-Rite Racking Systems, we are happy to provide material, freight, installation and professional engineering services as required to suit your needs.

Store-Rite representatives are here to answer any questions about Double Deep Racking and warehouse space utilization.

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Consider Store-Rite

Store-Rite Double Deep Pallet Racking is the first system to look at when considering high-density Pallet Racking.

Utilizing a Double Deep reach truck, an operator can gain storage locations at the same cost of steel racking materials as a standard Selective Racking system, and can often re-use existing materials in the new Double deep system. A typical Double Deep System can reduce the amount of space required for forklift aisles in your warehouse by 35% or more.

Double Deep forklift aisle sizes are commonly 114″ to 126″ wide to accommodate the slightly larger lift-truck.

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