Pre-Engineered Mezzanine Systems

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Pre-Engineered Mezzanine Systems

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Prefab Modular Mezzanine Systems

Store-Rite mezzanine kits will help transform unused overhead space into profit producing, or cost saving extra floor space. Obstructions such as existing building columns can be easily accommodated with minimal loss of space. Access points and stairways can be located where needed and a variety of styles design options are available. Loading capacities can be increased to serve specific areas where heavier loading is expected.

  • Increase your warehouse floor space
  • Our custom designs will maximize efficiency
  • Installation is fast and easy
  • Delay moving your business – build more space today
  • If you do move – take the mezzanine with you
  • Assistance with building permits
  • Heavy duty structural steel components

Store-Rite has been manufacturing & installing Structural Steel Mezzanines for over 30 years

Each Store-Rite mezzanine system is designed in accordance with CSA standards and OBC rules by our in-house professional engineers, experienced in mezzanine design. Your industrial-strength mezzanine kits are shipped as a prefabricated kit, complete with all components and hardware. No drilling or welding is required.

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Mezzanine Systems Canada

Store-Rite has over 30 years experience. We can design and deliver mezzanine systems for all your needs.

Site Analysis

Every project starts with an on-site analysis of your facility, taking into account dimensions, obstructions and physical characteristics that will be required for effective integration with your systems.

Custom Professional Engineering

Store-Rite uses the latest aCAD software to develop accurate sales and approval drawings. The structural specifications are developed, as a function of your specific loading requirements, by our in-house professional engineering department.

Building Permits

If a building permit is required, Store-Rite can assist with the procurement of permit submission requirements. Ask one of our sales professionals for more information.

Quality Manufacturing

Store-Rite manufactures components in Canada using domestic sourced structural steel, resulting in a high quality end product. Our factory is located in Mississauga, near Toronto Pearson Airport, making part sourcing fast and easy when needed.

Installation made easy

Prefab mezzanine kits come with parts which are numbered at the factory for fast and easy identification on site. Connections are simple nut & bolt design and Store-Rite will supply a full set of easy to follow plans. Mezzanine platforms are often installed in one to two days.

Industrial Mezzanines are Utilized for:

  • Access Catwalk
  • Clean Room
  • Conveyor Support
  • Dust Cover
  • Equipment Garment Rail
  • Lunchroom
  • Manufacturing
  • Offices
  • Order Picking
  • Recycling
  • Robotics
  • Security Enclosure
  • Shipping/Receiving
  • Sortation
  • Storage
  • Tool crib
  • Viewing
  • And many more

Mezzanine Flooring Options

PLYWOOD FLOORING – This is the most economical method of flooring a Store-Rite Mezzanine.  5/8” and ¾” plywood is applied over Galvanized Roofdeck.

SYLVAN MEZZ TREAD FLOORING – Mezz-Tread® is a high-performance mezzanine deck panel, with polyethylene overlay, suitable for use with heavy hand pallet trucks. The polyethylene surface is inert to most chemicals, and is easy to clean.

OSP – Open Steel Planking is a tough Galvanized anti-slip flooring designed for industrial applications.  Its open design allows Sprinkler discharge and light through to the lower levels.

BAR GRATING – Bar & Rod Grating is the heaviest duty open style of flooring, and is a standard in heavy industry.  Store-Rite can assist with the specification required for your platform project.

Building Permits – Is a Building Permit Required for Mezzanine?

The simple answer is yes.

Store-Rite can assist with any building permit applications for Mezzanine projects.  Instead of leaving it to chance, consider taking advantage of our 40+ years of experience helping customers build structures in a safe and environmentally conscious method.

Even if a building permit is not required, it is good practice to consider the following whenever considering installing a Mezzanine or other platform.

Concrete Floor Specifications – Do you have a Professional Engineering document that provides the details of the capacity of your floor? Mezzanine base plates exert loads on concrete floors that may exceed the original floor design specifications.

Fire Protection – Will your existing building Fire Protection system be adequate to protect the Mezzanine you intend to install?

Commodity Classification – Do you know what commodity classes you are storing in your building, and are you confident that these are covered by your current Fire Protection system?

Architectural Specifications – Does your proposed Mezzanine follow the rules as set out in the latest Ontario Building Code?

Our experienced Sales professionals can answer all your questions.

Planning in advance helps to avoid costly mistakes.

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RECESSED SWING GATES – Recessed Swing Gates are a good, economical, and safe gate option for pallet drop areas

SLIDING GATES – Sliding Gates are available and can service openings as wide as 72” to 144” wide

PIVOT GATES – Pivoting Safety Gates are the best option in terms of personnel safety, designed to help protect workers from accidental falls.

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