No Bolt SRS System 200 Shelving

Store-Rite No-Bolt Shelving (Boltless Shelving) and SRS System 200 Clip shelving are designed to increase your current storage capacity. For general purpose warehousing, our Open Shelving Units produce organized storage areas with easy access and high visibility.

No Bolt SRS System 200 Shelving is a Versatile Industrial Storage System

No-Bolt Shelving is available in original Olive-Grey, complete with a range of optional features with open or closed shelving units to build a storage system that efficiently utilizes your cubic space.

Our Closed Shelving Units offer storage for those products that require extra security and protection. Bin type shelving provides custom storage compartments for small or bulky items.

Compatible with Inter-lok Boltless Shelving,Store-Rite Boltless Shelving is Canadian engineered to serve your current needs while providing expansion capabilities to meet future growth.


Store-Rite Open Shelving Unit Applications and Details


  • Automotive
  • Small parts binning
  • Maintenance
  • Retail outlets
  • Back room storage
  • Repair parts, supplies
  • Offices
  • Files and supplies storage
  • Tool rooms
  • Parts, machinery items

IN STOCK Shelf Sizes:.

  • 36 x 12
  • 48 x 12
  • 36 x 18
  • 42 x 18
  • 48 x 18
  • 36 x 24
  • 48 x 24






1. Rectangular Slotted Tee Post - Adjustable on two inch centers; two ply thickness with spot weld fabrication.

2. Shelves - 18 gauge; waterfall bend with return flange; overlap construction on inside corners; holes punched for bin dividers.

3. Shelf Clips - Compression style clips; four per shelf.

4.& 5. Side and Back Sway Braces

6. End Panel – Encloses shelving ends; consists of two tee posts spot welded to steel side panel.

7. Back Panel - Steel panel encloses shelving backs; rectangular slots for mounting; mounting brackets included.

8. Base Plate Cover – Finishes off bottom of shelving unit.

9. Bin Fronts – Prevents small loose objects from falling off shelves; 1″, 2″ or 3″ height.

10. Bin Dividers – Enables shelves to be divided into smaller compartments; four spring clips provided.

11. Shelf Drawers – Small parts compartments, comes with two galvanized dividers.

12. Label Holders – 1″x36″, 42″ or 48″ lengths.

13. Cabinet Doors - Enables shelving unit to be converted into storage cabinet with lock-up security; 36″ wide.