Security Fencing

Store-Rite is a trusted provider of high quality welded wire mesh security fencing, designed to improve interior barrier security. By using stronger and more reliable HSS Post Materials, as well as welded mesh panels, framed and reinforced with steel angle , Store-Rite Security fencing is superior to competing fencing systems in both strength and durability.

Welded Wire Mesh Security Fencing Applications

Store-Rite’s welded wire mesh security fencing is designed to deliver optimal security. Whether this means completely securing property areas, preventing theft, enclosing dangerous work sites, or even containing specialized areas in warehouses, distribution centers and many other industrial type settings; our welded wire mesh security fencing stands up to the requirements of the job.

Store-Rite has been Canada’s forerunning manufacturer of high quality, welded wire mesh Security fencing solutions for more than three decades.

The primary advantages of welded mesh fencing include:

• A better return on investment than chain link fencing, that can require costly upgrades, repairs and expansions as businesses grow and evolve.

• Unlike conventional security barriers, welded wire mesh partitions can easily be modified, or moved and reassembled. This means that you have the luxury of adding height, length, or even add a Wire Mesh roofing system as needed.

• If a welded wire mesh security panel is damaged, it can be repaired quickly and affordably.

Robust Security can be a requirement and Store-Rite’s Expanded Metal Security Fencing is the premier option. Defending against more serious security threats, Expanded Metal Fencing stands up to the most aggressive intruders because it is designed to mitigate the downfalls of traditional fencing. As such, Store-Rite’s Expanded Metal fencing does not afford footholds or handholds, making the mesh difficult to climb and penetrate.

Security Fencing Summary

Simplicity Composed of prefabricated, all-welded interchangeable components. A Store-Rite Security fence can be assembled, with ease, by maintenance personnel, without the need for special tools or equipment.

Flexibility Total versatility is maintained with welded wire partitions, as they adjust to your ever-changing needs. Alterations and additions can be made easily from a variety of components and accessories.

Availability Modular, welded-wire partition components and accessories are stocked in standard sizes to fill the bulk of your requirements. Custom panels, and posts are readily supplied to meet your exact specifications.

Finish A high-quality, air-dried alkyd enamel, featuring high colour retention is available in two standard colours; Grey and Blue. Many optional colours are also available to customize your project.