These basic elements improve workplace safety and are used for storage of odd-sized pallets and other non-standard items. There is a saying that “Safety equals cost savings over time”.


Wire Mesh Decking

Store-Rite Wire Mesh Decks are an excellent way to improve the safety of your Racking system. Wire Mesh decks are basically a combination of a set of light duty Safety Bars, prewelded to a grid or ‘mesh’ of thick .20 inch or greater Industrial Wire, resulting in a decking surface that can both handle full pallet loads as well as the stacking of individual cartons, boxes or odd sized objects


The main benefits of Wire Mesh Decks include:

    • Versatility  – load pallets or boxes
    • Safety – helps to prevent stored material falling through racks
    • Reduced Product Damage – prevent misplaced pallets from falling
    • Fire Safety -

Open Meshing allows superior Sprinkler coverage over closed decking

Store-Rite Stocks the most common standard sizes of Wire Mesh Decking right in Mississauga, ON for your pickup convenience. If we do not have your required deck size in stock, we can have it made quickly, and shipped direct to your location.


Post Protectors

Store-Rite Systems Manufactures and STOCKS 12”H Structural Steel Post Protectors.

Safety Equals Cost Savings Over Time

Post Protectors are simple and effective at reducing lower frame post damage. Even the best lift-equipment operators make mistakes, and the lower part of Rack frame posts take the brunt of the punishment, unless protected.

Reduce Rack Damage
The use of Post Protectors can help to reduce
Impact damage to front frame posts. Damage to
frame posts can dramatically decrease the capacity
of the Rack Frame, leading to a greater chance of a

(2) Hole Post Protectors
Store-Rite (2) Hole Post Protectors are designed to suit 3.25”W Frame posts

(4) Hole Post Protectors                                                              

Store-Rite (4) Hole Post Protectors have double the anchoring power of our (2) Hole model and are designed for heavier duty applications, and to suit 4”W Frame posts