Store-Rite Push Back Racking

Loads are placed on carts that travel on structural Steel rails that slope gently toward the load-side of the system. When a load is deposited into a lane, it ‘pushes back’ the one already at the face and all those behind. Conversely, when a load is retrieved, or removed from a pushback lane, the remaining pallets in that same lane move forward, due to gravity.

Pushback Racks offer close to the same storage density as drive-in Racking, but with greater selectivity. All loads are stored and retrieved from the aisle without the need for specialized fork-lifts, and without the fork-lift having to enter into the racking.

Your Store-Rite Representative will assist in answering any questions that you may have about Pushback Racking, and we are always happy to develop a layout for your warehouse to help you maximize your cube utilization.