Pallet Racking

Store-Rite Single Selective Pallet Flow Racking is the most flexible type of pallet racking in that it enables an operator to ‘put away’ or retrieve any pallet at any time. Single Selective Racking is most advantageous when 100% access to the inventory is required and when volumes per SKU can change over time.

We Stock a full range of REDIRACK Frames, Beams and accessories to meet almost any heavy-duty, vertical storage requirement.

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Properly Designed Pallet Racking Systems

The first step is to take into account the individual needs of a business and the space it has available. For example, smaller businesses with limited load capacity will require a more compact storage racking system capable of making the most efficient use of the available premise spaces, but still allowing room for handling equipment; whereas a larger business, with larger load and storage capacity will not have such strict design requirements.


At Store-Rite, Our Storage Design Experts Work Closely With You

We make sure that every step of the process is completed to the highest standards, resulting in a highly customized storage solution. When selecting the correct type of racking system, the following variables will be considered:

• The type of inventory being stored
• The amount of space available for the installation of the rack system
• The type of handling equipment to be used
• The unique requirements of inventory rotating and order pulling

Store-Rite is a market leader in the design, supply and installation of storage rack and pallet racking systems. Our systems have been used in almost every industry, including manufacturing, logistics, distribution and wholesale. They include:

Pallet Racking strategically designed to meet unique demands and offer very precise advantages. When working to design a pallet rack layout unique to the needs of your business, your storage design expert will consider many variable such as, the amount of storage space available and how that space will be best utilized; the type of inventory to be stored, it’s weight and dimensions and how to best optimize inventory accessibility and rotation requirements; and the best way to achieve a rapid return on investment when compared to the cost of materials and installation.

Drive in and Drive Through Racking requires very precise storage rack configurations capable of permitting access in between stacked rows (or bays) by a lift truck or pump cart. The primary difference between a drive-in and drive-through racking system comes from where the bay entries are located. Drive-in racking systems typically house a shared entry and exit, whereas a drive-through system has entry points at either end of the row.

Push-Back Pallet Racking is typically used in environments where it is best to organize space by depth as opposed to width. This design layout helps to reduce aisle space, while increasing storage capacity. In this type of design, bays are typically six pallets deep, and the pallets are stored on wheeled casters that can be fitted onto a rail.


Store-Rite are experts in Adjustable Pallet Racking and Cantilever Racking


At Store-Rite, we respect the unique needs that each of out customers have, we understand that no two businesses will have identical storage requirements. That is why our storage design experts are committed to working with our customers every step of the process to design a unique storage solution that not only provides optimal storage, but is also cost-effective and highly manageable.

Store-Rite Has Specially Trained Pallet Racking Experts

Our specially trained experts are available to provide advice and assistance on how to choose the best type of pallet racking system to deliver results based on individual business models, the physical parameters of the facility, and the type of handling equipment already in use.

Regardless of project scope, our knowledgeable staff will ensure that you are able to fully maximize your existing warehouse or industrial space and will work with you to design a system that works with your business.

Store-Rite offers more than three decades of industry experience to each project. We take great pride in our competitive rates and are committed to delivering results; it is our belief that our job is only complete when our customers are 100% satisfied with their storage system.

We maintain a highly trained network of installation teams across Ontario and are ready to provide you with quick and efficient installation of any one of our storage racking systems to ensure that your business activities are never interrupted.