Drive-In Racking

Store-Rite Drive-in Racking is excellent for achieving storage density in operations where bulk stacking is desirable but Product damage is likely and unacceptable. With depths up to 10 pallets deep, it is easy to see how efficient Drive-in Racking can be for the right SKUs. It is important to consider that Drive-in Racking is a “First In Last Out” system, and as such it works better in applications where the product being stored is not time sensitive.

Your Store-Rite Representative will assist in answering any questions that you may have about Drive-in Racking, and we are always happy to develop a layout for your warehouse to help you maximize your cube utilization.

Store-Rite Drive-In racking is also available in Structural Bolted Frame Design, and Cantilevered Front Frame design, to help minimize impact damage.