Store-Rite Cantilever Racking is ideal when you need to store bulky,irregular, long or odd-shaped items. Cantilever Rack lets you achieve maximum use of your warehouse cube without front post or column obstructions to restrict horizontal storage freedom.

A cantilever rack can handle many hard-to-store items with ease. It’s the best way to store appliances, building materials, fabric, flooring, furniture, long metal parts, pipe, roofing materials, steel bars and any other material where wide, open rows are necessary for proper load support and easy access to stored goods.

Available in both Single-sided and Double-sided versions, and in a wide range of sizes and capacities, Store-Rite Cantilever Racking Systems can be configured to meet a wide variety of space and load considerations.Call and ask one of our highly experienced engineering representatives about Cantilever Racks to store your products’ weights and sizes.