Bolted Structural Racking

Store-Rite Structural Bolted Pallet Racking is the best solution for warehouses where the racking is prone to impact from material handling equipment and where heavy loads are handled.

Typically used in both heavy load applications, and in Freezer and Cooler applications where the heavier constructions lends advantages, Structural Racking can also help to reduce impact damage from Fork-lifts even in ambient temperature conditions.

Advantages of structural pallet racking include:

Thicker Steel Frames and beams allow the Structural Steel members to handle more abuse before becoming permanently deformed. Structural Racking is a more efficient design, economically, as heights increase.

Worker Safety is increased due to a reduction in capacity loss when damaged, as well as beam-to-frame connections being safer due to bolting.

Repairs can sometimes be made in place without replacement of upright frames.